the derby against Atlético

There were the knives, including mine, sharpened against Zidane for his disastrous decisions in  , when he suddenly gave Barça a chance to lose in Malaga and covered everything. Definitely, the Gaul is a lucky guy, which is not little in the world of football.

Bale, Benzema and Cristiano

I trust the coach in the gala team, where he left in Milan to conquer the Eleventh . It sounds logical. The shape states gave him equal. Well, it was not all bad, because Madrid dominated, it was better and I think more goal chances. Not many, but more.

Already ahead on the scoreboard, chaos came. It was obvious that Atletico was going to go up to the goal of the tie, the party was crying out to Zidane to get another midfielder to control the ball and his rival. And the Gaul removed Kroos to put Isco. The BBC, untouchable again.

There was a time when the BBC was compared to MSN . Not so long, in fact. Now, it sounds like laughing. To match Cristiano with Messi, you have to be very believing. Comparing the goals scored by Benzema with those of Luis Suárez makes me have homicidal tendencies. And Bale, the only one who could hold the pulse with Neymar, is injured every two times and has become a disaster.

What I mean by this is that Messi, Suárez and Neymar are untouchable and Luis Enrique does well to leave them on the field always, especially in decisive matches. But it is not the same with the trident of Madrid , especially with Benzema and the current Bale. Because the white team has one thing that does not have its eternal rival, a spectacular bench. There’s Isco, asking for more minutes in important matches. And Asensio, all talent. Also Kovacic, an ideal midfielder for the final minutes of matches as against Atlético.

Now comes the game in Munich, against Bayern. There he won 0-4 with the BBC in ’11’, by the way , but it is not advisable to always trust miracles. In this tie, Zidane must decide what kind of coach he wants to be, and that will depend on how many minutes Bale and Benzema play. Because Cristiano is something else.