Obama, five years after the bankruptcy of Lehman: "We are not where we need to be"

  The president of the United States, Barack Obama, attends the second day of the G20 summit that hosts the city of St. Petersburg  US President Barack Obama recalled on Monday the fifth anniversary of the bankruptcy of investment bank Lehman Brother , which triggered the biggest financial crisis since the crash of 1929, and […]


The Congress will debate on Tuesday the creation of Hispanicbonds and the solution to the preferred ones

The Economy and Competitiveness Committee of the Congress will meet on Tuesday with the aim of discussing, among other issues, the socialist proposal to create Hispanicbonds to support the financing of the autonomous communities, as well as the requests of several parliamentary groups for the Government to give a solution to those affected by the […]


the derby against Atl├ętico

  There were the knives, including mine, sharpened against Zidane for his disastrous decisions in  , when he suddenly gave Barça a chance to lose in Malaga and covered everything. Definitely, the Gaul is a lucky guy, which is not little in the world of football. I trust the coach in the gala team, where […]